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The Myth of Free Bee Removal:

    We get the question all the time on our call line- "Do you know anyone who does bee removal for free?" Unfortunately the answer is no. There was a time when beekeepers would come and gather swarms from peoples homes and businesses to replenish and build their hives. Those days are over. The presence of Africanized killer bees have made it very impractical and costly for beekeepers to gather wild bees.  They find that they must replace the queen with wild swarms- at a cost of 15 to 20 dollars each. They also find that it costs quite a bundle just to perform a honey bee extraction and there's no real gaurantee that the bees will survive the process. That's where Alltek Bee Removal comes in. We take the knowledge we have acquired through years of practical beekeeping experience and make it available to you at a very reasonable cost- it's a win win.. If you have a bee problem call us today at 1.877.455.BEES or use the form below. We'll have your bee problem taken care of A.S.A.P.- Guaranteed!



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